DPF EGR V2017.5 Lambda V2017.3
  • DPF EGR V2017.5 Lambda V2017.3
  • DPF EGR V2017.5 Lambda V2017.3
  • DPF EGR V2017.5 Lambda V2017.3

DPF EGR V2017.5 Lambda V2017.3


DPF/EGR/LOMBDA 3 in 1 DPF/EGR V2017.5 Lambda V2017.3 

These programs are very easy to use even for a beginner, just select the right car and ECU.
If you selected your car’s ECU, the program will automatically turn the DPF or EGR solution off.

If you have any problem with downloading the files you bought and received at your email address, feel free to contact us at prodaja@fromserbia.rs

You will receive the files at your email address within 0 to 24 hours from the time of purchase.


Top Reasons to Buy Software DPF/EGR/LOMBDA 3 in 1:

1. You can use the current binary drives to start the ECUs: FGTECH Galletto, KESS V2, KTAG Master, MPPS, CMD, Byteshoter Master and all binary readers / writers, 100% files working with these 3 programs.
2. Professional DPF-EGR programs supported for 100% binaries.
3.  Works on Bosch, Siemens, Denso, Visteon, Delphi, Marelli, Transtron ECU
4. Compatible with WinXP to Win8.1, Win10 (only 64 bit)
5. Multi-languages available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Slovak – Czech, Romanian, Portogues, Polish, Dutch

Nice features:
1. The software doesn’t need to be shipped but sent by email
2. Active: please send us code to activate DPF, EGR and Lambda license, it includes one-time free activation, after that it will cost 20USD each time.
3. No need for Internet, no account, no limit, unlimited files!

Software include:

DPF/EGR V2017.5
Lambda V2017.3

One licence to 3 software

This software works in 3 steps:

1. Select car model
2. Load the file to repair
3. Save the final FIXED file.
All operations are performed by software automatically. Users just need to read – write files with well-known equipment to ECU.

Exclusive package COMPLETE PACK (module 3 program 9) NEW VERSION V2017.5.1) All in one 

1. Equipment (Diesel Particulate Filter) Removal Solutions DPF / FAP
Asc equipments Flap (Klapky) Removal Solutions
Asc equipements Adblue Removal Solutions (NEW)

2. Asc equipements EGR Removal Solutions
HotStart Removal Solutions
DTC (diagnostic code in code)

3. Asc equipments Lambda Removal Solutions
Asc equipements Oxygen o2 sensor Removal Solutions
Asc equipements NOx sensor Removal Solutions (NEW)


This is download. You will receive a message with link from me in your inbox in max 48 hours.

Link will be sent to Buyer's e-mail address with download permission so no need to wait for CDs to arrive.

To use this software you must disable antivirus . If you can't accept this, don't BUY please!

                           **** !!! No hardware or cable included !!! ****


1.When you buy, you should contact us, tell us your email address, and we will send you the download link. (Only download link, no real package)

In case you are unable to install the software you bought from us, you can always go to the installation help option located in the store menu. After that, we'll schedule an appointment that suits both you and us to perform the installation on your computer via remote access via the AnyDesk application.

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Models supported

Models supported DPF EGR V2017.5 Lambda V2017.3

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